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Damascus Plywood Sword

Few days ago, I was working on the forge and my son came and asked me for a sword. Since, I wanted to make him one. He's way to young to have a real steel sword but he already have a small wooden sword, so I thought making him another one, a bigger one, would be cool. 

Searching for ideas for a sword on Youtube, I noticed that kid's swords are usually very simple, straight and kind of boring. So I decided to make it a little bit more fun, making the blade in "damascus plywood" and giving it a very curved shape. 

So, I used 10mm/0.4 (25/64)inches thick plywood to make the blade by gluing two boards together and adding layers to form the "damascus" pattern. I cut the damascus plywood sword shape on a bandsaw and made the bevels on my 2x72 beltsander, but you can also use rasps and files and a palm sander, it would work just fine as well.

I used ash to make the guard, the handle and the pommel of the sword. Some of you may have noticed that the shape of the sword is inspired by the Frodo's Sting from LOTR . For the intro/outtro, I wanted to use that LOTR reference, but unfortunately, my son's hobbit costume is too smal now, so we used his knight's one :)

I finished it by putting several coats of plyurethane varnish and some brown suede on the handle.

It was a very fun build and the kid love the sword, so it was totally worth the time and work. I loved it so much that he used his old small woodensword to knight me :)

I hope you'll also like the video.

As always, thank you for your awesome support. Have a great week, and keep making!!

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